Heavy Duty Online Surfers:

Download our Google Chrome extension.

Our extension is extremely useful for:

1) heavy duty surfers who scour the internet for the lowest price for specific product,

2) Amazon sellers.

With the extension installed, when on a product page (on most popular shopping sites), click the extension icon on the top of the browser for choices to search this products identifying specs(upc code, model number etc depending on the site). Either you can quicly search Amazon and Ebay, or it can take you to this site with the search box prefilled with the identifying information to easily search this exact product on counteless other stores.

Amazon sellers: The extension features an innovative reverse FBA Revenue calculator. On the FBA Revenue calulator page, there comes up another text box that you can enter an amount you would need to make after FBA fees are deducted, and it will show you how much you need to charge in order to make that amount.

It can even be accessed straight from the extension popup window when on an Amazon product page. You can enter an amount into the text box and click "Reverse" and the FBA Revenue calculator page will open and do the calculation for that product.