The best way to shop online is to search by yourself. Go to every site in the category of the item you are shopping for and search for what you are looking for. That is very hard to do, so there are search engines and different shopping sites to search for the item for you and present you with the results it found.

That is not ideal, as many many items fall through the cracks. It does not always find every store that has that item and many times it pulls up less than accurate results.

We created an innovative tool that helps you just do what's ideal and search by yourself. You need to just enter the search once, check off whichever stores you would like to search, and click "Multi Search!". For each store that is checked off, a tab will open with the search already done in that store. (Popups must be allowed for this site for this to work correctly. If more than one store is checked off and only one tab opens, come back to the onlineshoppershelper.com tab and click on the notification that popups were blocked, and allow for this site and try again.)